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Thank you very much for your email and for the delivery advice!

We saw your bibs at the Baby Show and bought one for our little boy who is now nearly nine months old and going through the weaning process at a rate of knots! Having got thoroughly fed up with trying to get sweet potato stains out of his cloth bibs (and failing miserably!) we thought your bibs were a fantastic idea so we bought one at the show and decided that we would then buy one for any of our friends that have babies – the first one of which arrived on December 30th so the ladybird bib is destined for her!!!

I really do think they are a fantastic product and would highly recommend them to all of our friends!


5 star rating

Thank you so much for a superb delivery speed and service. The bibs were beautifully packed and it was almost a shame to open them. In response to your query, we met you at the excel baby show and had bought 2 bibs from you then, but our 3/4 year old kept stealing them for her dinner! hence the order of the toddler bib plus a spare one for our youngest.

The bibs are brilliant, worth the extra cost as they always look like new and we have one stored in the changing bag and one at home so they are in constant use. Many thanks again. I am sure we will be ordering more soon as we have decided they make perfect presents for new babies.


5 star rating

Jake's rocket bib is still going strong - it gets used at every meal and he's now nearly 17 months' old. Thank you very much - we think it's a wonderful product and recommend it every time anybody comments on how ingenious it is.


5 star rating

I used to live in Toronto, Canada and had my first child there, a boy. I came across Mally Bibs at a Christmas show held in an arena there and bought him a rocket ship bib. He's now 2 and we still use it all the time and it is the best bib we have. Everything you say about it in advertising is absolutely true.

I have now returned to Ireland and have had my 2nd baby so I thought she should have one too and when I went onto the Mally bib site to purchase one they directed me to your site.

Maeve - Cork

5 star rating

Monkey bibI just wanted to say thanks for sending our bib so quickly, we got it this morning and it's just fantastic..

It's already had the school playground tour so hopefully there will be more orders to follow.

When I first saw them my son was very small & I thought that maybe they were a bit pricey

But now 6 months on and getting very tired of washing and throwing out stained bibs I decided that the money would be very well spent!

Many thanks

Naomi - Shrewsbury

5 star rating

It arrived this morning and is great! It really suits our daughter - very cute little monkey (both her and the bib!).

Josie, Cheltenham (Competition Winner)

5 star rating

Rocket bibIt looks lovely and gets many favourable comments from people when they see Jake wearing it. Plus, it always smells and feels lovely. He loves it - uses it almost like a toy when he's finished with it as a bib!

The magnetic fastening lets me keep it on the fridge when we're at home and on the buggy when we're out - so you always know where it is and ensures it won't just fall off and get lost.

It's wearing very well & that's even with Jake chewing it quite a lot (he's teething badly at the moment and it's something soft enough but with enough resistance for him to gnaw at).

So easy to keep clean. A wipe down after every meal and you're done. It's large enough to cover up a lot of him and therefore, keep a lot of him clean.

Rachel - Hemel Hempstead

5 star rating

"Many thanks for sending the bibs which arrived, beautifully packaged, the day following my request, so very impressive.

They are absolutely fantastic - every child should have one as one is all you need with them being so easy to wipe clean!"

Sharon, Peterborough. UK

5 star rating



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